Things to prepare for the delivery date

St. David's Labor and Delivery Information Sheet for Induction, Cesarean Section, and Cervical Ripening

This information is intended to serve as a guideline for patients scheduled for procedures in Labor and Delivery. If you have special medical conditions (such as diabetes, high blood pressure, etc) your physician may change these instructions. Please review this information with your physician and follow his instructions for the safe care for you and your baby. We look forward to seeing you in Labor and Delivery.

General Instructions

1. Please pre-register with the hospital. You may obtain registration from the hospital admission department. It is a good idea to make a copy of your completed pre-registration form and bring it with you when you come in, as they are sometimes lost in the mail.

2. You may park in the central garage. Complimentary parking is provided only on the day you are dismissed from the hospital.

3. Please do not bring jewlery and other valuables with you to Labor and FDelivery, items such as car seats and infant clothing, diapers, etc., can be left in your car until after delivery. St. David's is not responsible for valuables and lost items.

4. Please come directly to Labor and Delivery locate don the 3rd floor of the main hospital. It is not necessary to stop in admissions.

Scheduled Inductions of Labor

1. Do not eat any solid food after midnight prior to your scheduled induction. You may have clear liquids such as water, broth, sports drinks, coffee, tea, jello, and clear juice (sucxh as apple or cranberry) up untill the time that you arrive at the hospital. Milk products and juices with pulp (such as orange juice) are not cosidered clear liquids and should be avoided.

2. Please arrive at the hospital at 6:00am.

Scheduled Cesaren Section

1. DO NOT EAT OR DRINK ANYTHING for 8 hours prior to your scheduled cesarean time. THIS INCLUDES ICE CHIPS AND WATER. This is extremely important and failure to follow these instructions will result in a delay or cancellation of your cesarean section.

2. Please arrive at the hospital 2 hours prior to your scheduled cesarean time. ( for example you should arrive at 5:30 am for a 7:30am surgery time).